Malware Removal and Prevention

Do you have Malware on your site?
Do you get an alert from Google about being blacklisted?

We are here for you! We offer professional malware cleanup without the hassle. No need for extra burden on your resources, we do it all for you.

Enjoy being malware and blacklist free! WordPress? Joomla? Custom code? No problem! We see a lot of malware, security issues.

We strive to clean any malware, on any platform. What’s that mean for you? It means we got your back. Whether your site is static HTML, or you run a custom CMS, we can get you clean. We work with all of the popular platforms you use today, and offer cleanup and monitoring to all.

Malware Removal

Removal Process

Only $199

  • How long to clean a site?
  • Typically less than 24 hours during our support hours (6AM-11PM - Mon-Fri and Saturday 8AM-4PM )
  • Will my site be down?
  • Yes, your site will have to come down so you won't infect any other users.
  • How does the process work?
  • We will remove your site and clean the files. Once completed we will run a scan of your files and hosting. We then submit your files to Google for them to approve the site. Once the site is approved we will reupload your site to the servers.

Single Malware Monitoring$5.99

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  • Monitor up to 1 site
  • Checked Every 6 hours
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Unlimited Cleanup
  • Malware Cleanup (No page limit)
  • Website Integrity Monitoring
  • Email Alerting
  • Manual Website Scanning
  • Blacklist Removal

Max Protection$39.99

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  • All Features
  • Up to 10 Sites

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